Get Stress Relief Through Exercise

a man doing tai chi on a beach
The effects of prolonged stress on the human body can be devastating to our health. This can result in migraines, muscle aches, and insomnia. It may also cause digestive problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This leads to weight gain, asthma, and heart disease, along with a wide range of other health problems.  Learning to effectively manage stress and adding regular exercise to your routine is a valuable part of stress relief. Get stress relief through exercise! This is vital to good health. 
Whether coming from our jobs, personal life, incompetent drivers, or the soaring gas prices stress seems to be all around us, bombarding us with an overload that has us overworked, cranky, and restless
A young woman stretching outdoors before exercising for stress relief

Get Stress Relief Through Exercise

You do not have to make time to go to the gym or worry if your fitness level is not up for that aerobic workout. Here are three of the best exercises for stress relief than you can do. You want to be sure that your health care provider has cleared you for exercise. Before beginning any new exercise program, consult a physician. Especially if you have any recent injuries or health care concerns.

Do Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art form.  This Chinese art has been practiced for centuries and is a perfect exercise for stress relief.  Tai Chi uses very fluid and graceful movements that are slow and precise. Focusing the mind and strengthening the body are part of it. It can be done just about anywhere by people of all ages and is fairly simple to learn.  People who practice Tai Chi experience a better sense of balance. They get overall improvement in health. They also sleep better and feel a sense of clarity and improved mental focus. All of this while getting relieve from stress.
A woman in black tights doing pilates for stress relief


Pilates exists as a method of rehabilitation for injured dancers and soldiers. Pilates stretches and lengthens your muscles. It improves the strength and stability of your core (the torso). It is also very calming and soothing making it a great choice for stress relief.  Stress relief is not the only benefit of Pilates. With Pilates, you also get a longer, stronger spine. You develop better posture, more graceful muscle tone, and stronger abs. A large part of Pilates is on a mat workout. This is great for people with special needs. This considering that traditional exercise may be more difficult.
A group of women doing aerobics in a swimming pool for stress relief

Water Aerobics

If you would like something to get your heart beat going and improve your overall tone and health, along with giving you stress relief, water aerobics is another great choice.  Unlike traditional aerobic classes, being in the water lessens the impact of the movements on your joints, legs, and spine.  Being in the water makes your motions effortless, yet the resistance of the water provides a better, stronger workout.  The calming sensation of being in the water offers great stress relief and gives you a wonderful workout for your muscles, weight loss, and cardio building along with the stress relief.

Whichever routine you choose, or perhaps some combination of the three, you will find great stress relief from starting a regular routine and the stress relief will only enhance the other great health benefits you will obtain.


Yoga is a science. That is something to grasp. Yoga is a science, and not a vague, dreamy drifting or imagining. While it is true the west has been familiar with the practice of yoga for a relatively short time, yoga is not a new discipline , and it has been studied and practiced in many countries during the last century. Yoga is an applied science, a systematized collection of laws applied to bring about a definite end. Yoga has also led to the development of products that benefits the practitioners. An example of this the shower sheets by Yuni Beauty which allows busy people to get rid of the necessity of showering after workouts. The product was specifically designed for people on the go.

It takes up the laws of psychology, applicable to the unfolding of the whole consciousness of man on every plane, in every world, and applies those rationally in a particular case. This rational application of the laws of unfolding consciousness acts exactly on the same principles that you see applied around you every day in other departments of science. Yoga uses many of the techniques that are used in more modern and lately developed psychological or even medial physical exercise disciplines.

a silhouette of a woman doing yoga on the beach

As one ages he learns that by looking at the world around you, how enormously the intelligence of man, co-operating with nature, may quicken "natural" processes, and the working of intelligence is as "natural" as anything else. The yoga way not only combines this feeling of “cosmos” but also works beneath the surface to strengthen the unity of man with the universe. We make this distinction, and practically it is a real one, between "rational" and "natural" growth, because human intelligence can guide the working of natural laws; and when we come to deal with Yoga, we are in the same department of applied science as, let us say, is the scientific farmer or gardener, when he applies the natural laws of selection to breeding. The farmer or gardener cannot transcend the laws of nature, nor can he work against them. He has no other laws of nature to work with save universal laws by which nature is evolving forms around us, and yet he does in a few years what nature takes, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years to do.

This can b done by applying human intelligence to choose the laws that serve him and to neutralize the laws that have a negative effect on the goal of the farmer. The farmer brings the divine intelligence in man to utilize the divine powers in nature that are working for general rather than for particular ends. 

Yoga is something that can make a real change in peoples lives, we have seen this many times, from the physical practice of yoga to the philosophical implications, through the knowledge of the science of yoga, all that is yoga combines into a bigger, complete discipline that is beneficial for humanity. For some calling yoga is a way to allow this to pass as a acceptable means of physical development, for others it seems like it contradicts the very spiritual nature of yoga, the different faces of yoga, as its different uses sometime creates the illusion of one single use.